12 week dating scan nhs

25-Apr-2020 09:12

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Find out exactly how many weeks you are with our Pregnancy Dating Scan here at our Ultrasound Plus clinics.

We measure gestational age from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period to the current date.

Still not doubt it is DH's then I had mine yesterday - it's amazing isn't it?

Had Could not really relax until they said all was fine - basically I have the laziest baby on the planet earth who would NOT move when the sonographer was trying to measure the nuchal fold no matter whether i lay on left side or right and the doc ended up having to jab me quite hard to get it to jump!Your community midwife should have told you what to expect at the hospital scan, really.Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions now, though.Hello I have my 12 wk scan tomorrow - what can i expect? Will be having bloods and nuchal test because of my age (37) and very scared about that. This is really just a dating scan (sorry don't have experience of nuchal) so all they will be able to give you is your due date. have had no scans or anything so far - so this will be first 'proof' IYSWIM that I am actually pregnant and not a fraud! Whether you get offered nuchal fold depends on the hospital policy. Bloods again not usually taken, but it might be an option to get them done privately (you pay for integrated test).

Wear separates, as you will need to lift your top and pull down your skirt/trousers a bit as your uterus is still low down. thanks...i am partly very excited and partly terrified.

Hatrick - can you link to any photos of tubercules?