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Moreover, it is possible to classify a loan with a different rating than that of the debtor.

This is because institutions can grant loans on a sound and collectible basis because they have very good collateral or liquidity, or because they are structured under certain conditions that make recovery possible under the agreed conditions.

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Category 4 - Debtors with very compromised repayment capacity: Debtors with very compromised repayment capacity, more than 180 days behind on their payments or more than 120 days behind in delivering the information requested by the institution, or with significant losses over the past three years.

Category 2A - Debtors with adequate payment capacity: Customers who may encounter some difficulties, less than 30 days behind on their payments or 60 days behind in delivering the information requested. Category 2B - Debtors with potential problems to pay: Debtors who may run into difficulties, less than 60 days behind on their payments.

Losses in the last three years, if any, are not significant.

They have recorded positive results in the last 3 years and the assessment on their ability to pay is that it will remain very good even if faced with major changes in macroeconomic conditions.

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Structured credit operations with very good prospects for recovery can be included in this category.

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