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Photos may show optional equipment which may not be included in the standard purchase price of the featured unit.

Be sure to review current product details with The RV Factory before purchasing.

Compared against the likes of B&W, CURT and Reese, it does not have the longstanding reputation too.

However, it is still a well-made hitch that will haul your fifth wheel trailer smoothly and will be very long lasting.

Other features of the CURT 16521 A16 Slider Fifth Wheel Hitch include: Overall, the CURT 16521 A16 is an excellent all-round sliding 5th wheel hitch.

It lacks in terms of the gross trailer weight when compared to the B&W alternative but it is much cheaper, which may be very beneficial to some truck owners.

Curt are a major brand in the trailer and hitch industry with various different products available.

The 16245 Q24 5th wheel hitch by Curt is a high performer and is rated for hauling fifth wheel trailers of up to 24,000 LBS.

The Puliman 2900 Superglide is the most expensive 5th wheel hitch within this article but it does have a lot to offer.

Other features of the CURT 16245 Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch include: One unique selling point of this hitch is the 360 degree tilt, which allows the hitch head and coupling point to tilt at any direction.

This results in a much smoother and quieter ride out on the road.

The B&W RVK3500 is a great choice and provides 12 inches of movement for extra turning clearance.

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Other features of the B&W RVK3500 Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch include: Compared against a standard fixed alternative, it is more expensive but tight maneuvers are much easier and you reduce the risk of the trailer forcing its way into the cab, which will be a costly mistake.On the top of the hitch, you must also purchase rails, which adds to the total cost but it will be the ultimate hitch for your fifth wheel trailer.