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Molport offers octenyl acetate for your scientific research needs. It is also know by registry numbers ZINC, ZINC Product page for 1-Octenyl Acetate, MDL/ACD number MFCD, CAS number , Molecular Formula C10H18O2. Get the latest 1 Octen 3 Yl Acetate research reviews, science news & scholar articles. View the most complete encyclopedia by Academic Accelerator. Look for 1-OCTENYL ACETATE (cas ) prices, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters start with Guidechem!Global mass 1-OCTENYL ACETATE supplier for. 1-Octenyl acetate ; InChI. InChI=1S/C10H18O2/c()(3)11/h5,10H,2,4,H2,1,3H3 ; InChIKey. InChIKey=DOJDQRFOTHOBEK-UHFFFAOYSA-N ; SMILES. C.

UNII: 2PZ32LCA02 · Formula: C10H18O2 · Preferred Substance Name: 1-OCTENYL ACETATE · InChIKey: DOJDQRFOTHOBEK-UHFFFAOYSA-N. RIFM fragrance ingredient safety assessment, 1-octenyl acetate, CAS Registry Number · A. M. Api · F. Belmonte · D. Belsito · S. Biserta · D. Botelho · M. Product name:, 1-Octenyl acetate. CAS:, Product code:, FEMA:, 【Last: 1-Octenone 】 【 Next:1-Pentenol 】 【Back】.

1-OctenYL Acetate is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a lavander and lavender-type odor. This product is used as a fragrance for lavender or he. Primary Chemical Name: Primary Chemical Name is the standard name assigned to a chemical substance. 1-Octenyl acetate. Find 1-Octenyl acetate, Flavis No. and other food and flavor ingredients at kultu-rolog.ru

1-OCTENYL ACETATE - 1, - 1, Flashpoint (°c). Solubility. Insoluble in water. Assay (% gc). > Keep in tightly closed container in a. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: 1-Octenyl acetate, 1-OctenYL Acetate is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a lavander and lavender-type odor. This product is used as a fragrance for lavender or herbal.

1-Octenyl acetate ; Molecular Formula. C10H18O2 ; Molecular Weight. ; Exact Mass. ; Monoisotopic Mass. ; Topological Polar. 1-OctenYl Acetate Details.: IUPAC Name. octenyl acetate.:Chemical Class. Ester.:CAS Registry Number. Description.:Fragrance Type. View()/(1-Octenyl Acetate)information and documentation regarding (1-Octenyl Acetate), including NMR, HPLC, LC-MS, UPLC & more. Chemical Names. 1-OCTENYL ACETATE ; CAS number. ; JECFA number. ; FEMA number. ; Meeting:

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Shop eMolecules​ 1-Octenyl acetate | | MFCD | 1g at kultu-rolog.ru 1-Octenyl acetate · Found in 1 product · OPT OUT OF SALES, SHARING, AND TARGETED ADVERTISING. 1-Octenyl Acetate, ML - OML - PROPERTIES - Purity: Min. (GC) Size: ML Unit: EA Molecular Formula/Molecular Weight: C10H18O2= CAS. Program and Regulatory Information ; EPA, 1-Octenol, 3,7-dimethyl-, acetate, Valid ; TSCA INV SYN, 3,7-Dimethyloctenyl acetate, Unknown. 1-Octenyl acetate. CAS No.: Formula: C10H18O2 Molecular Weight.: Check Encyclopedia. O · 1-OCTEN-3 OL FCC (AMYL VINYL CARBINOL) – #A · 1-OCTENYL ACETATE FCC – #A · OCTANOL-3 – #A 1-OCTENYL BUTYRATE ; FEMA. ; Odor Description. A pleasant mushroom, buttery aroma. ; Olfactive Family. Butter ; Purity. % ; Appearance. colorless to pale. Title, 1-Octenyl acetate. Product category, synthetic aroma chemicals. Code name, G CAS, FEMA, Copyright(C),Tianjin. Learn more about 1-Octenyl Acetate 95%. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen. 1-Octenyl acetate, >=97%, FCC ; biological source, synthetic ; bp, 80 °C/15 mmHg (lit.) ; density, g/mL at 25 °C (lit.) ; documentation, see Safety &.
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