Accommodating cultural differences and commonalities

24-Sep-2020 21:40

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For example, a Vietnamese couple may immigrate to America, and raise their children in a suburban area.As a result, the children may identify much more with European American popular culture than the Vietnamese culture of their parents.Each organization and its individual members should keep in mind that change is not easy for humans.Many of us resist it and are dragged into the process kicking and screaming -- and that makes it difficult for everyone else.As people move to new areas and meld with other cultures it creates a kaleidoscope of subcultures within racial groups.Gender, locale, and socioeconomic status can sometimes be more powerful than racial non-threatening because it acknowledges and validates who people are.

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Organizational cultures largely echo mainstream culture in its sense of time orientation, perception, and use of time.

A local neighborhood found itself in the middle of a drastic demographic shift.