Adhd and dating relationships dating march cambs

19-Jul-2020 05:15

When you don’t know that a particular behavior is a symptom, you may misinterpret it as your partner’s true feelings for you.

Orlov recalled feeling miserable and unloved in her own marriage.

Over time, they take on the role of parent, and the ADHD partner becomes the child.

While the ADHD partner may be willing to help out, symptoms, such as forgetfulness and distractibility, get in the way.1. Knowing how ADHD manifests in adults helps you know what to expect.

(At the time she and her husband didn’t realize that he had ADHD.) She misinterpreted her husband’s distractibility as a sign that he didn’t love her anymore.

But if you would’ve asked him, his feelings for her hadn’t changed.

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There are steps you can take to significantly improve your relationship.

So it’s important to pick an organizational system that works for you and includes reminders.

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