Adult autism relationships dating

31-Oct-2019 20:14

There are other social niceties that from my experience autistic males and probably females should learn.

For example listening to the other person and not just talking them.

From an educational perspective, there are enormous implications that might make the difference between being helpful to a neurotypical partner in an HFA-neurotypical partnership and being not so helpful.

This is different from other conversations that go off the rails.

This is something I am still working on, as I tend to just say everything that’s on my mind at that time, whether the other person is interested or not!

We are often not very good at judging the other persons body language.

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As a person with High functioning autism and married to an neuro typical, I’ve had a lot of experience in the ups and downs of being in a long term relationship.Even for neuro typicals, being in a relationship can be very challenging.