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04-Oct-2020 02:37

Where should you place your priority when hiring sexual assault advocates?

What interview questions will get at the heart of advocacy?

This two-part webinar will provide an overview of the SADI, outline the key lessons learned, and point rural programs towards follow up resources created by the Resource Sharing Project.

Rural dual/multi-service advocacy programs consistently struggle to create strong sexual assault services.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) provides an exciting opportunity every year to re-engage our communities in our anti-sexual violence work.

Join Leah Green from the Resource Sharing Project on this call that will bring together advocates from across the country to discuss rural SAAM events and strategies.

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Would you like a convenient way to schedule visits with your incarcerated friend or loved one?Join Leah Green from the Resource Sharing Project on this VIDEO CHAT that will bring together leadership from rural programs across the country to discuss hiring and recruiting practices in rural communities.