Advantages of consolidating exhibit houses

03-Jul-2020 03:26

The fibers provide reinforcement for the matrix and other useful functions in fiber-reinforced composite materials.

Glass fibers can be incorporated into a matrix either in continuous or discontinuous (chopped) lengths.

Durability was poor with the original type of glass fibers since the alkalinity of cement reacts with its silica.

In the 1970s alkali-resistant glass fibers were commercialized.

Obviously, the bonds between the core and facings must be capable of transmitting shear loads between these two components, thus making the entire structure an integral unit.

The load-carrying capacity of a sandwich panel can be increased dramatically by introducing light steel framing.

advantages of consolidating exhibit houses-42

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Their low weight decreases loads superimposed on the building’s structural components making construction of the building frame more economical.

The strong and rigid GFRC provides full lateral support on both sides of the studs, preventing them from twisting and buckling laterally.

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