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"That absolutely counts."See the awkward date play out in the clip above!The two first met in art class, where Mason complimented Alex on her artwork and fell in love at first sight.Not only does Alex struggle with the pronunciation of Akemi's name, but she's left further baffled by the latter's dinner date antics."I did mushrooms for the first time when I was camping," Akemi relays to Alex while stroking nearby plants. It feels so good to be dirty.'""I don't think I've ever looked at a leaf like that," Alex responds. "It's just like being present with the food."Although Alex struggles to comprehend the holistic exercise, Akemi assures her it's just about expressing yourself.Akemi also mentions the "trippy" fact that "we are nature," leaving "I just like to close my eyes when I eat and, like, moan. Still, it is Akemi's confession that she's still "partially in the closet" and never had sex with a woman that has Alex concerned.

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Alex started to suspect that Mason was cheating on her when he kept leaving their dates early, and hatched a scheme with Harper to follow him.Yet, the last part might not be entirely accurate as Akemi then claims she received oral sex "in the street once."Understandably, Alex and our comedians appear very confused by this admission."'Does that count?' Yes, that counts," Cara Connors quips next to a stunned Nina Parker.Since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started dating, they've quickly become one of Hollywood's most adorable couples.

Here, we take a look back at all of the key moments in their relationship which led to them getting engaged!Soon Alex, seeing how upset her brother Justin was about losing his girlfriend, Juliet to an evil mummy, convinced Mason to go looking for her with his dog-like smelling ability because Alex wanted Justin to be as happy as Mason and her were.