All operations completed firmware updating succeeded

17-Jun-2020 21:05

If the current firmware version is 2.0.0, the communication setting must be set to " The following message will appear on the LCD after the firmware update program activates.When using the "Upload Firmware" utility, please be sure that data transfer is completed. Then, the firmware update program starts and the following message will appear on the LCD.When you attempt to transfer the data to the CF card in the EOS 10D with the "Upload Firmware*" program, do not open the CF card slot cover, turn the Main Switch or turn the power off until the data transfer is completed.Any of the above operations during data transfer will disable the firmware update.

all operations completed firmware updating succeeded-89

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You will have to disable your virus protection as the "trojan virus" your anti virus detects is actually the emulator for a nokia dongle.

The main purpose of 1.2 was to fix some bugs with Microsoft Exchange and email, and maybe Meteor didn't believe that many of their users needed better MS Exchange support... touch the very top of the screen to bring up the reload symbol(beside the address bar).

I've upgraded and I can't find out how to reload/refresh a webpage - in the old browser there was an options button where you picked "webpage - reload" etc - now I only have a back button and the options button just gives things like save bookmark etc.. Window options(including switch window and new window) is on the extreme left side of the second row of options when you bring up that panel, by touching the icon on the bottom right of this screen.

It's really frustrating as I like the phone and want it to work.

Reading the thread there are obviously N8's out there that do work so hopefully the next one I receive will be ok. P1.2 was offered to the networks as an "optional" release - they could take it or not.Yup, it is possible to flash network locked phones to the latest firmware.

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