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01/18/2017 - District of Columbia, United States Clicking on the first graphic on this page zooms in way too much (the height of the graphic is 3x the size of the pop-up) and only the vertical scroll bar works. Region Topic ID=CSR# You can find the information you’re looking for in the “Data” tab at the top of the International Portal.

For all other countries except the United States, total electric power consumption = total net electricity generation electricity imports - electricity exports – electricity transmission and distribution losses.

Once you select Countries/Select data but before you initializing the download click the tab for Sources/Activities. (Click the "read full analysis" link and the downloadable PDF is at the top left of your screen labeled “full report”) 12/29/2015 - Michigan, United States We use your ' Total Electricity Net Consumption' data for comparing countries for a market potential index we create each year.

This will change the way the data is displayed/downloaded and should solve your problem. However, it would be great if you could mention how much of India's energy (especially oil and gas) imports come by sea, in order to get a clearer picture of India's energy imports. Data in the previous years was available up to 5 decimal places.

A potential non-EIA source for that data that you could try is: org 10/13/2016 - Iran Can you please create new links for your new things?

I just saved a link for total renewable electricity net consumption, every time I just use this link address, but this time because of your update, it was not found.

It would be great if these issues were cleared up asap so as to improve usability and access to data. Exports data is currently bring validated and will be posted to the website once approved.

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I have been resorting to your data for more than 10 years. 04/16/2017 - United Kingdom I am using the total electricity net consumption of U. A few suggestions regarding CO2 emissions: - 2012 data for Argentina, Brazil and India (at least) are missing...11/12/2015 - Alabama, United States I work with Excel spreadsheets.

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