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The Society that launched the journal also only briefly existed in Southern California.

The incident was sparked by police harassment of LGBT people at a 24-hour cafe called "Cooper Do-nuts".

Before Western contact, some Native American tribes had third gender people whose social roles varied from tribe to tribe.

People dressing and living differently from their sex assignment at birth and contributing to various aspects of American history and culture have been documented from the 17th century to the present day.

Murray Hall (1841 − 1901) was a politician in New York City for almost twenty-five years.

After Hall's death, it was discovered that he had been assigned female at birth.

One of the first documented inhabitants of the American colonies to challenge binary gender roles was Thomas(ine) Hall, a servant who, in the 1620s, alternately dressed in both men's and women's clothing.

Generally, according to Genny Beemyn in a Transgender History of the United States, the few historical accounts of transgender people that exist in early American history are of female to male transgender people, possibly because it was more difficult for male to female people to successfully present as women before the advent of sex-reassignment surgery and hormone treatments.

One example she cites is Mary Henly, a female-assigned individual in Massachusetts who was charged with illegally wearing men's clothing in 1692 because it was "seeming to confound the course of nature." Mary Jones (born in 1803 as Peter Sewally), a free African-American, was arrested in New York City in 1836 for dressing as a woman, prostitution, and pickpocketing.

In 1879, We'wha, a lhamana of the Zuni people, formed a friendship with anthropologist Matilda Coxe Stevenson in a Zuni pueblo.

The lhamana were third gender people who were male-assigned, but dressed as women and performed traditionally female tasks, as well as serving an important role as mediator in the tribe. with Stevenson and several others, was introduced around town as "an Indian Princess" and met President Grover Cleveland.In 1945, she was tried in Ventura County for perjury and fraud for receiving spousal allotments from the military, as her dressing and presenting as a woman was considered masquerading.

According to recent statistics, the LGBT community makes up roughly 5% of the American population, but where are all the lesbian singles?… continue reading »

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Plenty of Duggar kids have rebelled against the strict family protocol a time or two.… continue reading »

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Friends of Tom Daley, who recently revealed he’s in a relationship with a man, say that finding love with Milk writer Dustin Lance Black, a man 20 years older than him, was the catalyst to him talking publically about his sexuality.… continue reading »

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