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There is a risk that participants attending an industry-supported meeting may be influenced by (or perceived by others to be influenced by) industry, thus compromising their professional independence.

Support should be managed carefully so as not to compromise the participating doctors’ objectivity and capacity to recommend treatments based on patients’ best interests nor undermine the reputation of the medical profession.7.5 It is acceptable for industry to support meetings that contribute to doctors’ education and continuing professional development (CPD); however, such support should be untied, fully disclosed, at arms-length to the organisation of the meeting and consistent with the following guidance:7.7 Doctors whose research is financially supported by industry or who are paid by industry should declare this in any paper, presentation or contribution (eg, at the beginning of a presentation or on a poster or paper).7.8 Institutions accrediting an educational activity should identify and critically assess the activity to ensure it is free of biases related to industry support; particularly when students or junior doctors are the target audience, in recognition of the effect of exposure to industry bias before developing an independent clinical opinion.7.9 While a meeting’s general sessions should be organised independently, it may be acceptable for a sponsoring company to organise its own breakout session.

Doctors participating in a surveillance study should:6.6 It is ethically acceptable for doctors to receive remuneration for participation in approved studies when such participation involves a significant amount of professional time and skill over and above that applied directly to patient care.

This remuneration should be commensurate with the work involved including the time expenditure, complexity of the study and skill required.

Introduction1.1 It is important that doctors (medical practitioners) and industry work collaboratively to improve the quality of, and access to, health care through the development of and access to new and improved therapeutic products, treatments and services.

For the purposes of these guidelines, industry refers to commercial entities directly associated with health care such as those involved in the development, manufacture and supply of health care products and those involved in the provision of health care services.

In this setting, the meeting and activity (herein ‘meetings’) organisers are independent of industry; for example, the medical colleges, associations and societies.

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For example, the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct guides pharmaceutical companies while the Medical Technology Association of Australia’s Code of Practice guides medical technology companies.

This includes (but is not limited to) the pharmaceutical industry, medical device and technology industry, other health care product suppliers, health care facilities, medical services such as pathology, radiology and assisted reproductive technologies and other health services such as pharmacy and physiotherapy (herein ‘industry’).1.2 While the relationship between doctors and industry benefits patients and the wider public health, individual doctors (and institutions) may benefit financially or otherwise from these relationships.