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Whether a show like “Grey’s” chooses to engage with this as a storyline, or a show like “The X-Files” very slowly but surely lets its central couple fall into bed together, the point remains that sexual harassment has nothing to do with romance, and those who equate the two have a poor understanding of one, the other, or both.

Love is never easy, especially when you’re balancing it with life on the job.

The sort of skill set the people who try to initiate inappropriate relationships with their co-workers apparently seem to lack.

Who simply don’t care about how their actions might affect others.

Meanwhile, more modern procedurals like “Bones” and “Castle” were built not just around their crimes of the week, but the partnership bond between their two leads that in both cases led to romance. In fact, this was a major source of drama for the early days of Ben (Adam Scott) and Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) relationship, which eventually led to them being officially disciplined for the lines that they crossed, given that Ben was technically Leslie’s supervisor and they knowingly violated department rules about interoffice relationships.

When Indie Wire ranked our favorite TV love stories of the last 25 years, the mix didn’t overwhelmingly favor office romances — instead, they were equally balanced with romances that began after two people met through school or through friends. Maybe the fact that Mulder and Scully were never “officially” a romantic paring kept them from having to deal with the FBI’s human relations department, but while their unique partnership is an iconic part of television history, there are moments which haven’t aged well over the last 20-plus years.

That said, not only was the workplace a common meeting location for couples like “Parks and Recreation’s” Ben and Leslie and “Grace and Frankie’s” Sol and Robert, there were a ton of iconic relationships which didn’t make the list, from Jim and Pam on “The Office” to Stan and Peggy on “Mad Men” to the granddaddy of them all, Maddie and David on “Moonlighting.” Recent studies on how real-life couples meet these days have found that online dating isn’t the number one way — instead, it’s through friends, as many studies revealed. For example, one of the show’s favorite running jokes during the early seasons was that Mulder was a bit obsessed with pornography, which led to a scene in the Season 1 episode “The Jersey Devil” where Mulder flashes a porn magazine centerfold at Scully.

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” — as well as “what’s so hard about the expectation that when you go to work, you just work?But it’s taken on a whole new flavor here in the year 2018, as the #Me Too movement has many of us examining not just our interactions with others, but some of our favorite love stories, which might now read as overly problematic compared to the era in which they began. I mean, in the other shows, that’s literally what the stories are all about.Mulder and Scully may be top of mind right now due to the current revival series, but they’re just one couple in a grand pantheon of television love stories born at the workplace. I don’t know how you are going to lay those things out in your show, but I think there’s a different storytelling.” Rhimes didn’t give a blanket endorsement to workplace romances.” And like so many things in life, it comes down to people engaging with other people, listening and learning and acknowledging limits and boundaries.

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Treating the people around you like human beings, with an awareness of how your behavior affects them, reading their reactions and adjusting your own accordingly.It’s one of those concepts which might seem simple but for some apparently isn’t. They might fall in love anywhere, including at the office.

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