Ang pagdating ni ferdinand magellan sa pilipinas

21-Nov-2020 11:23

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In 1505 Magellan went on the first of several naval voyages to India, helping two successive viceroys, Francisco de Almeida and Diego Lopez de Sequira, to wrest control of key Indian trading ports from the Arabs.

In 1509 he and his friend Francisco Serrão were involved in an unsuccessful attempt to take the Malayan port of Malacca (now Melaka).

On March 31, as the southern winter was beginning, his fleet put into what is now Port San Julián, on the southern coast of Patagonia, where it remained for nearly six months.

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After a ceremonial departure from Seville on August 10, 1519, Magellan sailed from the coastal port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda on September 20 with five ships and some 250 men.After a journey of 530 km (330 mi), on November 28, 1520, his three ships sailed into the ocean, which Magellan named "Pacific" (meaning "peaceful") because of its calmness.They sailed northward along the west coast of South America, and then set out westward across the Pacific.After his request for an increase in his royal allowance was rejected by Emanuel, King of Portugal, who was indifferent also to Magellan's proposal for a voyage to the Moluccas, Magellan renounced his Portuguese nationality and in 1517 offered his services to the King of Spain, Charles I (later Holy Roman Emperor Charles V).

Magellan had learnt from a variety of sources that the South American continent was probably not joined to the conjectured Great Southern Continent, and that it was likely that the riches of the Far East might be attained by sailing westward around the tip of South America.

Serrão, and possibly Magellan, went on to Tenate in the Moluccas (then called the Spice Islands) in 1511-1512, marking the beginnings of a lucrative trade in cinnamon and nutmeg.