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So I found it to be really almost meditative and peaceful and centering. What's the funniest thing that you do to pass the time in the dark? There are all sorts of fun costume parties that people dress up for.

I wasn't sure if that would terrify me in the middle of it, but it never did. We also have nonstop daylight in the summer, but the sun doesn't really bother me that much. We have had parties that are unicorn-themed, or parties where you dress up like sailors or like hunters.

I would open up the store for business hours and people would come in and do their thing. Physically and emotionally, how did you prepare for such a drastic change? The darkness took me to a place that I [didn't] know I had inside.

Sort of a quiet place and a place where I could have time to listen to things in my head that, in a busy world, I would have never tuned into. Just that low light in the sky that goes on for forever and ever.

Keri Nelson was 32 when she moved to Antarctica eight years ago.

Feeling like her three college degrees weren't doing much for her, she applied for an entry-level job on the frozen continent on a whim and got it. After taking part in a documentary called Antarctica: A Year on Ice, Nelson spoke to about what the dating scene is like all the way down south, what it's like to live in isolation for months at a time, and how she met the love of her life on the ice.

She now works retail in the supply store at Mc Murdo station, the U. How did you even find out about job openings on Antarctica?

I think I must have heard about it from a friend who had a cousin working on Antarctica or something like that.

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" then they would drop off all this mail, and I would sort it and get it to people. So you can really go from Antarctica all the way up to Washington, D. There is no sunlight at all during the six-month Antarctican winter.Scott Station [the only New Zealand base] is only 3 kilometers away from the Mc Murdo Station, so there is quite a bit of interaction between Americans and New Zealanders.