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Sites attributable to the era of European exploration from Columbus to the advent of first settlement are often deemed to be "proto-Historic" in age and may be further categorized as being either pre-, post-, or proto-Contact in nature (the time of "Contact" between European and aboriginal/First Nations peoples being locally or regionally defined).Focuses on the Ancient Near East and the early civilizations that arose in the area known as the Fertile Crescent.Other disciplines also supplement archaeology, such as paleontology (the study of prehistoric life), including paleozoology, paleoethnobotany and paleobotany, geography, geology, history, art history, and classics.Archaeology is an approach to understanding lost cultures and the mute aspects of human history, without a cut-off date: in England, archaeologists have uncovered the long-lost layouts of medieval villages abandoned after the crises of the 14th century and the equally lost layouts of 17th century parterre gardens swept away by a change in fashion.reports that excavations in Pampa La Cruz have unearthed the burial of a Chimú individual whose body was placed in a squatting position and covered with a tabard, a garment similar to a poncho, made of red and yellow feathers.A headdress made of blue, white, green, black, and yellow feathers was also found in the grave.Obsidian is a volcanic glass used by many cultures in tools and weapons.When a fresh surface is exposed (during the flintknapping process, for example), it attracts water from the surrounding atmosphere.

Archaeology has been described as a craft that enlists the sciences to illuminate the humanities.

Most famously, this area includes the ancient Maya, the Olmec, and the Aztecs. Very broadly defined, this includes the study of all cultures from North and South America, including the many culture areas such as Mesoamerica, Amazonia, the Andes, the American Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest.

Inuit and Native Canadian Archaeology is also part of this very broad term.

The study of animal bones recovered from archaeological sites.

Zooarchaeological research involves the identification and interpretation of animal bones recovered from archaeological contexts in the effort to gain information on the diets and patterns of animal exploitation of the people whose activities resulted in the formation of the site(s) under study.As trees grow they create annual growth rings, which can be counted to determine the age of the tree when it was cut.

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