Are kiyomi and lauren still dating

04-Dec-2019 03:01

The hunky Mexican actor plays the role of Diego and boy does he smolder in that role.Here’s a quote from our friend Deena about David Castaneda which we are co-signing: “He makes me think dirty thoughts when he is onscreen.” Why does he make us feel this way? Maybe it’s his “not spandex but leather” tight pants that fits him so well? I SWEAR YOU AINT EVER BEEN SPOILED THE WAY IM BOUT TO SPOIL YOU. Here is the original post: In case you’re interested in Kiyomi’s talents, she displayed some of them in a recent birthday photo. These two have been dating publically for around 3-months now. Why did her and that butchy construction worker break up?The best relationships have no trace on social media. My girlfriend and I(3 years together) aren't facebook friends, do not follow each other on IG. I have friends that completely wrote off social media, because it caused drama with their girlfriend. It looks more like she is on a self discovery journey. She, like Sada, is an opportunist that exploited something to get her 15 mins of fame. If there is some I feel 100% confident about is that Lauren WILL be the next Sada. But now seeing how fast their marriage fell apart once Sada realized she won't get any fame out of this anymore, and now she is with a man.Or the girl she is dating is very private and doesn't want it social media. If anything, Lauren has been absent from social media. Tracy, Stamie, Jill, Nikki, Kiyomi all seem to be doing well. I mean I get why some are cynical about the women of this show. Lauren has not given anyone reason to believe she’s not gay. There could be a few reasons- her health, privacy- that we haven’t seen her post anything about a gf on her public IG. If anything she has given us more reasons to conclude she is gay. The whole traveling to tropical places, Burner stuff. Maybe she is doing ayahuasca, it isn't unheard for those on self discovery journeys. You’re seriously going to wait to see Lauren bragging about her man like Sada in order to accept that she’s NOT gay. Now I see Whitney's friends were right all along.

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Now it looks like Natalie is all lovey dovey with the baby's father.You can tell by the way they do the work; there’s so much care and attention,” she said.

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