Are uday and manyata dating

04-May-2020 04:19

The only way to understand the full evil of Saddam’s regime is by living as one of Saddam’s sons.This is exactly the type of life, Latif Yahya, an iraqi soldier, had the fortunate (or unfortunate) to live.Things were going good for Latif until one day he was called to Baghdad at Uday’s place.Uday then called Latif Yahya to his room and said: “I want you to be me,” the President’s son declared, “Everywhere, always. You’re going to be my brother.” It seemed a bit suspicious to Latif so he politely declined the offer.You will be my fidai, my double.” “You will be the son of the president under my direction. Little did he know that it was not an offer but an order. Right at the moment, two body guards seized the former Iraqi soldier and dragged him from the room, He was blindfolded and thrown in the back of a car.

On resisting Uday guards would take the girl with them to Uday’s place where he would rape her repeatedly until his appetite was there no more.

There were hundreds of mercedes, ferraris and jaguars.