Aries woman dating an aquarius man 19 and 22 dating

02-Jun-2020 12:11

Aquarians pride themselves on their loyalty though not necessarily their constant physical presence.If she can give him the space he needs, she’ll probably be hearing him introduce her as his best friend. She is a steadfast friend who always brings out the best in the other person. It could turn into a lifelong live in situation as neither sign particularly likes to be put on a leash.It works especially well if you are both community activists or targeted on some futuristic goal that will make the world a better place. Click here for your Free Numerology Reading If your target is that interesting Aquarius over there, you’d best be interesting yourself. Your Aquarius male will respect your individuality. Your detatchment will be thrilling to her at first and the fact that you don’t fawn all over her will be refreshing and stimulating.He is likely to be gender neutral in his appreciation of your capabilities and willing to give you complete respect if you earn it. However, she is not patient or subtle, so if you are interested, be sure to spell it out for her.An Aries comes into your life when you need confidence and courage. Aquarian men are noted for being busy or elsewhere.Even when he is with you physically his mind may be otherwise engaged.So if you’re a lady ram who really wants someone to hold your hand in the moonlight, better count this guy out. Aquarians all seem to have an on/off switch, and as I have said before, he will have a plate full of activities and responsibilities that he takes just as seriously (but not more seriously) than her.

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For the Aquarius and Aries relationship that forges friendship but can’t stop love’s snowball effect; good things are coming.

Playful and fun are two words that describe the Aquarius and Aries relationship. Such is the case when the Aquarius and Aries personalities come together in friendship, and later, a steamy love affair!

They make excellent friends and even better lovers. This pairing can result in explosions outside the bedroom doors.

She may indeed have his whole heart and undiluted loyalty, but he will be reluctant to admit that even to himself because of his egalitarian beliefs.

There is a possibility of great passion and devotion in this relationship; however, it will be to a common cause not to each other.

You pretty much have to take an Aquarius as you find them.

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