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While the infuriated general questions Hawkeye and Trapper, Margaret walks in with Frank, still sedated and with bandages around his head, Hammond demands that they be arrested, but just in the nick of time, choppers arrive loaded with casualties.

After the session, which Hammond participates in, he tells Henry that Hawkeye, george Morgan played Father Mulcahy in this episode only, afterwards, William Christopher had the role.

This episodes opening sequence features many shots not found in any other.

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Strassman was told that co-star Kaplan wanted her off the show, in the s, Strassman appeared as a guest star on Time Express, The Rockford Files, The Love Boat and other primetime dramas.

He adds that he has to see Hammond in Seoul and was unhappy about the party taking place in his absence, however, as Henry is leaving, Radar reveals that he tricked him into signing two passes, so the party can take place.