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25-Nov-2020 03:44

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For reasons I’m not gonna bore you with here, my parents primed me—albeit not deliberately—for a mindset not oriented towards the Chinese social context.It was never their intention to white-wash my brain, but the result was nonetheless that my exposure to the Chinese community was fairly limited. I have never meet anyone interested in me for my ethnicity however I have meet people not interested for my ethnicity.

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Meetings will be scheduled when the group grows to a reasonable number.

It didn’t help that I disagreed with a lot of the conventions and values communicated by the Chinese community when I grew up.

It also certainly didn’t help that I actively stayed away from anything remotely resembling my cultural heritage after I had a clean break with my parents due to my coming out.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd be very interested to hear how you would define fetishization and your experience with those women.

As a white woman with both a strong attraction/preference to Asian men and general interest in Asian culture, I sometimes worry about whether or not I have ventured into that fetishization territory.Some guys compliment me and ask why I don’t have a boyfriend, and I tell them it’s because I look the way I do, and in the gay community that’s not the desired target (which is young, lean, muscular, and white).

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