Asp net objectdatasource updating event

11-Sep-2020 21:09

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You can see my sample : DTO: HI Zhang, I do know that Object Datasource will automatically create the object if you are pointing to instance for update/delete/insert.What I wanted to do is instead of Object Data Source creating an object , I create the object and let the object datasource use that by assigning it to e.object Instance = (my object). When I click on the Customer all details pertaining to the customer will be displayed on the new page.

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Im clear up to this point, my head ache starts when I need to pass this created object to the Object Datasource for it to use with the Update Method specified. Cheers, Vids Hi vidhya , If you are using Object Data Source , you do not need to write any code for pass DTO (data transfer object) , it will pass to your BLL's update method automaticlly.

But I need to check to see if the update failed in the on Updated event handler, and it doesn't have e. So I need to know how to get a Grid View row to remain in edit mode if the update fails.

One way to solve this problem is that you use Validation controls, which will restrict the user to send request if validation does not passes.

(This is often called persistence ignorance.) Zee, To answer your 4 questions. 2 AND 3: Instead of using a Bound Field, why not use a Template Field.

The business-logic class does not need to be aware of how the class that it's calling persists the data. Find Control("LName"); Text Box Age = (Text Box)row.

As explained here The CRUD methods that call the repository class and the two constructors make it possible to use the business-logic class with whatever back-end data store you choose. Find Control("FName"); Text Box Lastname = (Text Box)row.