Awstats not updating linux

15-Feb-2020 09:38

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As AWStats works from the command line but also as a CGI, it can work with all web hosting providers which allow Perl, CGI and log access. * Norwegians love to play casino and slot machine, if you also like casino play on the best norwegian casino.

Take a look at this comparison table for an idea on features and differences between most famous statistics tools (AWStats, Analog, Webalizer,...). See Change Log to know what's new and for information on compatibility with previous versions. 7.6 - 2017-03-12 7.5 - 2016-03-12 7.4 - 2015-07-15 7.3 - 2014-07-23 7.2 - 2013-07-09 7.1.1 - 2013-03-08 7.1 - 2012-12-01 7.0 - 2010-12-01 6.95 - 2009-10-28 6.9 - 2008-12-28 6.8 - 2008-07-20 6.7 - 2007-07-07 6.6 - 2006-12-23 6.5 - 2005-12-24 6.4 - 2005-03-16 6.3 - 2005-01-28 6.2 - 2004-11-06 6.1 - 2004-05-15 6.0 - 2004-04-18 ... - If you still have problem, check on AWStats General FORUM (hosted by sourceforge).

AWStats is a free software distributed under the GNU General Public License. 1.0 - 2000-05-02 (first version) You will find here several kinds of files : - AWStats plugins - Other AWStats contribs/tools/packages - Other Non AWStats contribs/tools (not related to AWStats but related to statistics or log analysis) - Documents on AWStats or related to log analysis - Some non official AWStats patches (hosted by sourceforge) If you need to know something about AWStats (features, setup, ...): - Read seriously AWStats official documentation : HTML On line or PDF file (326KB) For last security annoucements: - See security report page. This is the best way if you want to send me something cool. This is a list of all donors that allows me to made them public. * NLTechno company * Bonus Finder Canada is the number one online casino bonus comparison website in Canada * are Swedens biggest guide for casino * Swedish players can now play casino without registration, if you want to find out more check out svensknä* If you want to find new casinos in Finland, check for uudet nettikasinot and everything will be in Finnish.

How to reset awstats Delete the processed log files in /var/lib/awtstats (directory defined by Dir Data parameter) using RM although you have to be root.

If awstats doesn't impress you, then you should try something more current. It uses a partial information file to be able to process large log files, often and quickly. * You must be able to run perl scripts (files) from command line and/or as CGI (Perl 5.007003 or higher required to run AWStats 6.9 or higher).