Awstats stopped updating

23-Jan-2020 06:31

In order to install the package, you need to add the following to your /etc/apt/file: The new package works with all the usual ubuntu php extensions like php5-mysql, php5-gd, php-apc and php5-memcache.The config file is now in an ini style format instead of the xml format and is located at /etc/php5/fpm/php5

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There is a "dynamic" setting in the conf file with starting number, max number, max idle, etc.

This "apache-like" system will start and stop children as needed depending on load.

Few days ago, I had a strange issue where all of a sudden, the statistics on some of my web servers stopped working. Statistics was working great, and nothing in the configuration wasnt changed for months. Now, lets try to find the reason for this behaviour, ofcourse, there are hundreds of articles on the web, and every single one of them is pretty much useless in my case :).

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The customer must have some outdated link, wrong password or something else. Left click on the Clock, change time and date settings, Internet time, Change settings, and then click the “Update now”. My search was pointless, and quoting James May from Top Gear, I thought to myself: “Oh cock!Unlike the dotdeb package, this one is adapted from the official ubuntu lucid source package and so has identical patches and compile options to the ubuntu 10.04 cgi and cli sapis.