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15-Mar-2020 21:54

It might not be alcoholism to them, but if you drank the same amounts, you wouldn’t even last a year. If anything, you’d find some of the most beautiful Russian girls here.

Myth: Siberian Women Are Fat And Ugly Because Siberian girls often have some Asian or mixed blood, they don’t look typically Russian. Fact: Thick Clothes And Exotic Looks Don’t Make You Unattractive You will find fewer “Moscow 10s” in Siberia, but 7/8’s are quite common.

While parts of Siberia are still underdeveloped, the quality of life is improving vastly.

And, as for the vodka, my only advice is you can’t outdrink a Siberian.

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Finally, yes, alcoholism and drug abuse are especially problematic in smaller towns and cities, where young people don’t have that many opportunities.

Chivalry still lives on here and men are used to opening doors, carrying heavy bags, and helping women in other ways.

A Russian man is a romantic at heart and family and children are usually crucial to him.

As for the fat thing – some Siberian women are curvier.

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Mostly, though, it’s all the layers they wear in winter.

Except for it’s northernmost parts, the rest of the region is far from a land of a constant frost.

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