Bank of america not updating in mint

17-Aug-2020 19:48

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Made by the financial-software company Intuit - the same company behind Turbo Tax - Mint claimed to have 20 million users worldwide in 2016.

I've been using Mint for three years, and found it a useful tool to track my daily transactions and keep my budget in line.

There are plenty of other financial mobile apps that deserve to stand alongside Mint — and they may benefit you in other ways.

Here are My Bank Tracker’s picks for money tracking apps that are better than Mint: Saver is my favorite app out of the handful I played around with, and a recent spending diet I went on, it’s the one I’ll continue using.

The tradeoff is that Toshl isn’t as slick, and has a heavier slant on budgeting, which was not something I was looking for.

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The app for Toshl is free, but Toshl offers both free and pro accounts.

Analytics are not available on the app but are accessible through the web version of Expensify, where you can view your expenses as illustrated through line graphs, pie charts, or bar graphs.

Expensify has a robust system online that allows smaller businesses and bigger corporations to add employees to an Expensify account.

Toshl is available on the web for both account types, in a similar way that users can access Mint via web or app.

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You can view expenses by month and by tag, in charts that are nicely-designed and easy to interact with.

When that got to be too much trouble, I downloaded Mint.