Be2 dating complaints

17-May-2020 08:53

(6) be2 reserves the right to block any customer's access to the be2 service if he/she uses the service in a manner that is illegal or breaches the obligations laid out in these General Terms and Conditions.However, blockage of access for the above reasons shall have no effect on the blocked customer's obligation to pay for the service purchased.This will not prevent the assertion of any claims for greater losses actually incurred., where they are compared with the data from all other be2 customers.The comparison is based on a mathematical algorithm (a set of rules for calculation) that allows statements to be made about the compatibility of two customer profiles.During registration, the customer selects a user name by which he/she will be introduced to the other be2 customers and a personal password.Alternatively, the customer may be automatically allocated a "code" by be2 instead of a personally selected user name.This specially designed program includes guided meditation, breathing techniques, thoughtful movements and other tools for men and women to find a place of calm and peace in their lives while in fertility treatment.Learn More Licensed therapists who understand the emotional complexities and challenges of fertility treatment share tools that can make all the difference between surviving and thriving while undergoing fertility treatment.

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Customer's obligations"), that customers may use the be2 Service in an improper or illegal manner.the other be2 customers who have been recommended to him/her.

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