Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

29-Oct-2019 14:10

Once the user is authenticated to the AD domain behind the firewall, Okta will pick up on that and authenticate them into the cloud and the applications they need.

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But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be complicated?

“Identity was a real impediment to productivity,” says Shine. People were unable to work easily when they were not in the office.

This was a major issue for a company that needs to be always on 24/7.” The goal was to give the team the right collaboration tools while ensuring all business units were on a common platform, allowing them to work together to best serve external customers.

For example, you may have an environment with multiple AD domains—some trusted, some untrusted.

With Okta, you install an AD agent behind the firewall (two for built-in high availability) and Okta will manage these directories from a central admin console.Okta eliminates the costs and headaches of AD domain consolidation during M&As, allowing you to smoothly integrate users across different organizations and give them access to the tools they need.