Best dating website for college students

10-Mar-2020 15:31

They can go one step further and select to meet only students with majors such as business, art or engineering.Improving your looks online In its first few months, Date My School was only offered to undergraduate and graduate students at 20 schools, including Columbia, New York University, Harvard University and MIT.The Pew Internet & American Life Project surveyed the number of online daters in 2006.Results indicated that one in 10 Internet users have tried online dating sites."We're also at similar places in our lives, being students, which makes it easier to relate." Columbia University students Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer started the dating website on campus in November.

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"Nothing against Flavor Flav, but he's not my type." Zorogastua said she'd be more willing to give Date My School a go, since she could narrow the search to a student also in an intense grad program who understands she doesn't have to time to commit to a serious relationship.If potential lovers weren't meeting in the classroom, the university needed a better platform for both sexes to interact.

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