Black ops pc updating

25-Nov-2020 20:04

Our new 15-Tier “Heatwave” Contraband Event is now live in #Black Ops4, including earnable bonus Reserves and an additional Ultra Weapon Bribe at Tier 15!Make sure to unlock your rewards before the event ends at 10AM PT Tuesday, Sept. Bolt-Action Barebones holds a warm place in my heart as well, but doesn't perform well on PC.Weapon balancing will not take place this update, but is underway for release in Version 1.13.

These include Blackjack's Gun Game, Safeguard, and three variants to the Moshpit mode: Hardcore, Endurance Chaos and Mercenary Capture.We’re also slightly speeding up the action in the last Collapse to get everyone to the final showdown a bit faster.These updates should result in a more balanced ratio of victories between the two teams – jump in and let us know what you think! our fix for the “Gorod Krovi” main quest outro cutscene is currently planned to deploy on consoles as early as Thursday, August 15th.It appears that Pandemic is still very much a work in progress, as this is the second set of adjustments that the developers have made in as many updates.

The August 13 update has corrected the slide velocities for the Ajax, Outrider, Reaper, and Seraph Specialists, after an issue that popped up in the v1.22 patch was causing players to slide much faster and farther than before.

Speaking of Pandemic in Blackout, Treyarch have implemented a series of major changes to the new mode in the v1.23 update.