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25-May-2020 18:25

As a result, Brazil is many ways like America, a melting pot of different nationalities.Lots of the Brazilians have Portuguese, Italian, German, and even Ukrainian ancestry.Although it’s spoken by people in the hospitality industry: hotels, restaurants, tours, etc.It’s generally not spoken by regular people who have regular jobs.

Fortunately, I had already spoken pretty fluent Spanish.

I spent a total of seven years living all over Latin America.

Brazil was the country where I spent the longest by far: three years.

Brazilian women are famous around the world for a few things. They’re beautiful, sexy and have beautiful butts that make other women jealous.

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They wear very revealing bathing suits to the beach that many call “dental floss” or “fio dental” in Portuguese.Since you’re in the country, you should be able to learn it fairly rapidly.