Brooke davis quotes about dating

07-Nov-2019 23:59

and the misery of knowing who you are, and what you did.

If this is about you not being able to have kids, we should be talking about that.

I believe in Nathan Scott, but I also believe in my viewers. You know, when this show is over it’s still gonna be a wonderful life because I love you and your son loves you and nothing that happens in the next hour is gonna change that. He’s rolling out some rigged up lie detector machine and I have to sit 3000 miles away and just take it. It’s the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing.

I believe you don’t want any part in dragging him through the mud. We will have, which will just make me look even more guilty. Dan: :[on tv show] They say that truth is the best indication against slander. That’s why falling out of love hurts like hell, but falling in love…there’s nothing better.

Even when we were apart, we'd talk every night, and my heart raced with every text, and every time my phone rang I hoped it would be you. In my opinion, continuing to report on these allegations without any further evidence of their validity is a reckless attempt on the part of this network to boost ratings.

You love it, the parties, the women and you love having Nathan alongside more than anything else. But lately Nathan’s career has taken a backseat to allegations of an affair that led to the pregnancy of a fan.

And that's gonna make me do stupid things sometimes Because love is crazy. And the important part is we became more like real brothers once we got a little bit older, but you're right, having a brother is like having a best friend. Haley: Yeah, it is, but, you know, I think Jamie really helps. You have kids so you have something to hold onto when you lose your parents........ Julian: Every night I spent away from you, I dreamed about being back here...

Because I'm in love with you, julian, And I always will be. First, I thought you were falling for alex, And then, last night, I went to your hotel, And I thought you fell for alex. :[(they kiss)]Julian: You think too much, brooke davis. But remember Uncle Lucas and I weren’t really close when we were your age.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and it isn’t fair. like the way you smelled, and uh the sound of your voice, and the way you felt uh in my arms and um... Victoria: You realize you're overlooking the best part of this... And as far as that shakespearean play, as I recall, the donkey gets turned back into a person once he realizes what an ass he's been. And that's why I have never had any doubt that you will find your way, because I did. And clocked an interloping hoochie whose only mistake was boning Crocodile Dundee. The only question here is, how long is it going to take for you to love yourself? It's not like I don't still consider you a great friend. For my part I got into sports news because I think reporting on athletes inspires people to be exceptional. Just because a wise man said it, or you read it in a book…words of divine order, or because your mother told you…it doesn’t make it true.

I’m not saying athletes are above the law, but I think it’s up to science to determine the validity of these claims, not the evening news. You’ll find players that you can believe in and clients that become friends. We take our happiness for granted until we hurt ourselves or someone else. And when faced with our mistakes, we reinvent the past.

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