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The BERTScope removes this gap allowing you to quickly and easily view an eye diagram based on at least two orders of magnitude more data than conventional eyes.Seeing a feature that looks out of the ordinary, you are able to place cursors on the item of interest and by simply moving the sampling point of the BERT, use the powerful error analysis capabilities to gain more insight into the feature of interest.Adding to this the deeper knowledge that comes from the one-button measurements of BER Contour, Jitter Peak, and Q-factor, and you can be confident that you are seeing the complete picture.With the ability to vary sample depth, it is very easy to move between deep measurements which give a more accurate view of the real system performance, and shallow measurements that match those of a sampling oscilloscope.To provide the user with more flexibility and simplicity in creating and detecting patterns and sequences, two distinct sequencer modes are offered, with both supporting the looping and sequence advance features described above: This allows the user to input memory data in a “natural” format.

This capability allows flexible stimulus/response programmability to support debugging and proprietary protocols.For example, check for pattern sensitivity of the latest rising edges.