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02-Mar-2020 03:25

A Text Box control is used to display, or accept as input, a single line of text.This control has additional functionality that is not found in the standard Windows text box control, including multiline editing and password character masking.You can use the Password Char property to mask characters entered in a single line version of the control The above code set the Password Char to * , so when the user enter password then it display only * instead of typed characters.How to Newline in a Text Box You can add new line in a textbox using many ways.There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. Net Interview Questions, along with some of the best answers.Chances are you will need to prove that you know how to work with . These C# Interview Questions have been designed especially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of . These sample questions are framed by our experts team who trains for .I want to check what the user is writing in a textbox before I save it in a database. I guess I can always write some ifs or some try-catch blocks, but I was wondering if there's a better method.

Length) ' Set the Error Provider error with the text to display. Set Error(text Box1, error Msg) End If End Sub Private Sub text Box1_Validated(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Validated ' If all conditions have been met, clear the error provider of errors. Set Error(text Box1, "") End Sub Quando si modifica lo stato attivo usando la tastiera (TAB, MAIUSC TAB e così via), chiamando i Select metodi o Select Next Control oppure impostando la Container Control. In that case you should also somehow tell the user that there’s a problem with the field. For example, if the user presses Tab, clicks on another control, presses Enter to trigger the Accept button, or presses Esc to trigger the Cancel button.

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