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It sells merchandise and content purchased for resale from third-party sellers through physical stores and online stores.The company also manufactures and sells electronic devices, including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TVs, and Echo devices; provides Kindle Direct Publishing, an online service that allows independent authors and publishers to make their books available in the Kindle Store; and develops and produces media content.” – Shoe size: 265 mm – Dislikes: Doing nothing, Rain – Specialty: Football/ soccer – He speaks Japanese and Korean. – On 30 January 2018, it was announced that he will debut in NCT. – When Doyoung attended an English academy he was called “Charlie”. – Education: Shrewsbury International School – Specialty: Basketball, Piano, Dance, Rap – Nickname: TNT (Ten), Cute Devil – Favorite Foods: Chocolate cake, Chocolate pudding, Dark chocolate, Sushi (Tuna in particular), Naan, Tteokbokki, Pad Thai, Green Tea Ice Cream – Favorite Season: Summer – Favorite Number: 10 – Favorite Color: Black – He speaks Thai, English, Korean, and Mandarin. – Hobbies: Sports, Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Rapping, Playing with animals – He loves surfing and snwboarding. 4), Valentine boy (birthday) 🙂 – Specialty: Rap, Piano, Basketball – Favorite Foods: Meat, Spicy Pork, Peach, Green Tea Ice Cream – Favorite Season: Spring – Favorite Color: White – Favorite Sport: Basketball – Hobbies: Playing the Piano, Playing Sports – Strengths: Happy Virus, Cutie – Weaknesses: Very sensitive at times – Shoe size: 275 mm – Specialty: sports – Jaehyun speaks fluent English. – He is friends with BTS’s Jungkook, GOT7’s Bambam & Yugyeom and Seventeen’s DK, Mingyu & The8. – The song that made him wanna become an artist: R. – Shoe size: 270 mm – Likes: Babies, dogs, vacation, NCTzens – Dislikes: high places, planes and skinship – He speaks Chinese and Korean.– Education: Yashima Gakuen High School – Yuta’s lucky number is 10. – The song that made him wanna become an artist: TVXQ’s “Something” (Apple NCT’s Playlist) – Wouldn’t switch his body with anyone. (vlive ) – Kun has two dogs named Xiao Mi and Fei Fei. – Update: Kun, Yang Yang and Xiao Jun are currently roommates. – Specialty: Flute – Favorite Foods: Cream Cheese Bread, Watermelon, Popcorn, Mango flavored treats, White chocolate, Peach – Favorite Season: Spring – Favorite Color: Blue – Favorite Artist: Eric Benet – Favorite Actor: Lee Na Young – Education: Topyeong High School – Likes: Sleep, Bed, Food, Jeno (NCT 2018 Spring Fan Party) – Shoe size: 265 mm – He starred in “Lipstick Prince” a Korean show that premiered on December 1, 2016 – He wants to have a duet with EXO’s D. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” (Apple NCT’s Playlist) – Wouldn’t switch bodies with anyone (NCT 2018 Spring Fan Party) – Jaehyun has a black belt in taekwondo. (Weekly Idol ep 347) – Jaehyun’s ideal type: Women with straight and long hair. – Education: The Central Academy Of Drama – Win Win has two dogs; one is named Figure and the other is named Penny. – He made his first public appearance in Super Junior Yesung’s comeback MV, “Paper Umbrella”.Additionally, it offers Amazon Prime, a membership program, which provides free shipping of various items; access to streaming of movies and TV episodes; and other services. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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– Family: His father is Chinese, his mother is Thai. – The song that made him wanna become an artist: DEAN’s “I’m Not Sorry” (Apple NCT’s Playlist) – Would want to switch bodies with Kun because he would want to cook well.

– Update: Lucas and Win Win are currently roommates.

– He was born in Toronto but moved to Vancouver, Canada at a very young age.

NCT Members Profile: NCT Facts and Ideal Types NCT (엔시티), an acronym for ‘Neo Culture Technology’, is a new boy group concept. – Specialty: Rap – Nickname: TY (given by SM producer, Yoo Young Jin) – He’s called Tyong by his friends.

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They are described as having an unlimited number of members. (MTV Asia Spotlight) – Hobbies: listening to music, watching movies, playing games and ordering delicious food – Strengths: Very confident, very nice, caring towards other members, looks cold on the outside but is actually a very kind person – Shoe size: 265 mm – Body secret: small waist – Likes: sweet food. – Weaknesses: Perfectionist, always nagging – Favorite Foods: Melons, Strawberry Macaroons, Green Tea Ice Cream – His favorite color is Pink.(NCT 127 Road to Japan 180318) – Johnny’s ideal type: Someone who smiles at him a lot; a girl like Yoona (SNSD) – He was born in Osaka, Japan.

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