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The first person to speak at length on national television immediately after the revolution was the father of three killed members of MEK, Khalilollah Rezai.One of the first persons to address Iran on Radio Tehran was a MEK spokesman who congratulated the country for the revolution and hailed "His highness Ayatollah Khomeini as a glorious fighter (mojahed)".Ayandegan, the independent mass-circulation daily, wrote that it had been predominantly the Feda'iyan and the MEK that had defeated the Imperial Guards.Kayhan, the mass-circulation evening paper, said that the MEK, the Feda'iyan and other left-wing guerillas had played the decisive role in the final battles of 11 February.The deteriorating security situation in Iraq only highlights the urgent need to find safe refuge for these individuals outside that country.The United States has had a special relationship with the MEK residents dating back to the height of the Iraq war in the mid-2000s. military extended protections under the Geneva Conventions to the Camp Ashraf residents.It is my understanding that as of the beginning of this month, nearly 800 Camp Liberty residents have been processed by the UNHCR and resettled outside of Iraq.

One issue that I expect will arise this morning is whether the United States should accept more Camp Liberty residents for resettlement. I hope the testimony of our witnesses this morning will help shine a light on what more can be done to accelerate the resettlement process so that the residents of Camp Liberty can be brought to safety outside Iraq once and for all.and contributed to the overthrow of the Shah during the Iranian Revolution.It subsequently pursued the establishment of a democracy in Iran, particularly gaining support from Iran's middle class intelligentsia.Asghar Ali described the MEK as "using [Islam] for serving the exploited masses".

The author said that although the MEK lacked the prestige of Khomeini, they were “certainly fighting the poor and downtrodden, giving Islam a radical image.” Furthermore, despite the fact that the organization's top candidate received as much as 531,943 votes in Tehran electoral district and had a few candidates in the run-offs, it was unable to win a single seat in the 1980 Iranian legislative election. Senator Lieberman, it is good to have you back with the Committee, even if on the other side of the witness table.

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