Catholic dating book 35p chat

06-Dec-2019 02:52

There are, however, good reasons to hold off dating until the time is right, and Lisa Duffy’s book, The Catholic Guide to Dating After Divorce helps divorced Catholics understand when that time may be.Lisa Duffy knows about unwanted divorce firsthand through the painful abandonment of her first husband, and she has turned life around to become a well known author who writes for sites such as Catholic Match as well as her own books.😉 ) It has een so long since I’ve dated that I can only hope I don’t ask some poor, unsuspecting prospect if his shoes are tied, his seatbelt is on, and his teeth are brushed before we drive off together for that first date!

This is something she knows firsthand since she also received her annulment prior to meeting and marrying her husband.

The Good Lord knows I could use a book about that too since it’s been almost 25 years since I’ve really dated!