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We may end up switching to it entirely, since it is far more performant than the old page generator.

While we're putting it through its paces, you may notice bugs here and there while we make changes to old code.

The brass won't put them up front because they are lazy and stupid. Anonymous: I am saddened that this is the general opinion of the US ARMY.

It is not the ARMY that decides these things like who we invade, or where we go.

" In response to several morons trying to start their own 7chan servers and - unsurprisingly - spam the link on the site, the site administration is providing a judgement free zone where addicts can get their fix of Discord without being tenderly loved to death by the staff. You were having so much fun joining raids on /i/, and telling the newest batch of silly sausages to "lurk moar." Well now the years have passed by faster and faster, and you've still not accomplished anything with your sad life.

Official 7chan Discord Permanent Invite: 7C2Gw SE The site administrators also ask that people stop fucking linking to Discords in lieu of posting content, reminding members that such activity is how chans die. At least you'll always have all those dank memes to give you a chuckle.

And now, you can move effortlessly between applications, for a smoother and faster workflow.The ARMY did not do that to America, the American leaders did. Anyone who bashed on the ARMY is obviously not schooled enough to know who makes the decisions and should look into this before they speak.Anonymous: And one last thing, go ahead and post something negative about the previous two posts."All wrapped up in a fancy Electron interface that the kids eat up like fucking candy." "It won't even let you run a dedicated server!

" Beams a random child in the lobby of Fortnite, the summer's hottest crate simulator. Everything I ever wanted to talk to friends or organize games!I think that you need to write more about this issue, it may not be a taboo subject but typically folks don't speak about such topics. Sometimes the girl will actually be available, but the telephone girl will throw the work to another girl who hasn't had any ... it is the name someone would call the shit they just took in the toilet . If we did, i could have fucked each one of those bitches and maybe sliced them into pieces and eat them with vegetables. and NO i'm not black, and i am the first person to nigger a nigger said nigger... They STILL looked brighter than their indignant father. This is sad no matter where in the solar system it happens.

Once it is bound to a Data Source control that supports Insert, Update, and Delete operations, Rad Grid can take an advantage of the data source capabilities to perform the required operations with no code except error handling required.… continue reading »

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