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15-Nov-2020 15:43

Some of the first pocket watches also included practical gadgets in their design like winding keys, a vesta case or even a cigar cutter.

These added gadgets increased the usability of the watch and gave it an added appeal to consumers.

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They can be flat or slightly convex, but they must always be low enough to allow the watch lid to close.

The chains and covers were usually decorated with either silver or coloured enamel.

Coats of arms or seals of special societies were commonly used as decorations on the watches.

Pocket watches with built-in gadgets are also popular amongst watch collectors as the added gadget tells a story about the time during which the pocket watch was produced and in use.

One of the first historical references of the pocket watch can be found in a letter dated in November 1462 from an Italian .While most open faced and hunter style watches are made with a metal case, briefly ceramic and even glass cases were used.

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