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22-Oct-2020 22:31

The pre-chat survey also allows you to quickly route the chat session to the agent who is most qualified to handle the conversation.Action: Design a pre-chat survey form that allows customers to set the direction of the conversation.Action: Put your chat agents through the same preliminary training programs as the salespeople.Your live chat agents should be able to see what customers are typing while they type it.Consider allowing customers to browse on your site for a time before raising the offer to chat.This gives them time to get oriented before being interrupted.The alert should be audible, visible, or both, and it can be used to interrupt a busy chat agent and let him know that a customer is awaiting a response.

Use this feature with good judgment, because too many canned messages can make your customers think they’re talking to a machine rather than a real person.Action: At the conclusion of a live chat session, offer to email a copy of the transcript to your customer for their records.When customers arrive within a live chat conversation, they should be greeted professionally and with courtesy.It not only gives the agents insight into what the customers are thinking as they type, but it allows the alert chat agent to respond more quickly with an answer.

Chat agents also should be alerted when a customer has hit the “send” button during the chat.

But it can take a lot of time for your chat agents to type out these standard messages time after time.