Children of divorce dating

14-Nov-2019 04:09

By the time I entered high school, however, I was starting to believe that I could overcome the “crisis” of my parents’ divorce.Not only had I managed to escape the serious negative outcomes I feared, but the media’s fatalistic picture of children from “broken” homes was increasingly being supplemented by a growing body of research utilizing a more “objective” framework to address this issue.Moreover, newer research has found that there are different ways in which our parents’ marriage influences our own, and that experiencing a parental divorce does not necessarily doom offspring to repeat that pattern.In cases of parental divorce, there may be other important factors to consider, including the child’s perceptions of the parents’ relationship (before and after the divorce), and how they are able to reconcile that experience (in other words, view it as a learning experience) before they enter into their own relationship.For example, in a recent nationally representative on-line survey commissioned by the USA Network (embed link), most of the 18 to 49-year-olds surveyed reported that their relationship was not like their parents’—rating their relationship as a 3.5 out of 10 in similarity (on a scale where 1 is nothing like their parents’ relationship and 10 was exactly like it).

That is, you are less likely to consider marriage to be a life-long endeavor, and are more accepting of divorce.

The bottom line is we play an active part in constructing our own marriages, and therefore have an active part in determining their success. It's rarely just ONE person is awful and the other person is a saint.

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