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He made several out of things like cookie tins and cigar boxes; when we left New Zealand, his going-away gift to me was this guitar, which was one of the first he’d built and has a spring inside to add some reverb (so it sounds slightly electric when I play it).

Image above: While visiting family in Kentucky last year, we came across a pretty neat furniture store that had this funky factory furniture cart they had refurbished into a coffee table.

We both totally loved the massive cast-iron detailing, but the cost of it plus what it would take to ship it to California was way too expensive for us.

Plus, we’re stubborn and often see things we like and think, “Huh.

Image above: We both dislike the itchy feeling we get when our spice cabinet gets all congested and disorganized; the bottles invariably never match and its not long before its hard to find anything.

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Image above: This one features white asparagus; five cylinders of white asparagus stalk are wrapped in various “wrappers” like black trumpet mushroom leather, chorizo, herb gel and orange gel.Just last weekend, he made a recipe that involved spray-painting frozen chocolate-milk cubes with liquid chocolate loaded into a paint sprayer.He built a spray hood for himself in order to photograph the process. Image above: For about two years, I’ve been working my way through cooking every dish in the Alinea cookbook; the eponymous restaurant in Chicago uses unusual cooking techniques and equipment for each dish in their 25 course meal.I’ve been collecting some of the service pieces they use to present food at the restaurant; most of it is made by the incredibly talented Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail.

Image above: Sarah loves arranging/sorting things by color; our bookshelves tend to stay hue-sorted, as do the t-shirts in our closet.

When I got back to New Zealand, I printed my favorite photos from our time together and laminated them to the bottom of my deck with epoxy resin; Sarah did the same with hers.

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