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Although the new American Florida offered more opportunities, persecu- tion, hatred and discrimination followed the Jews from their native lands to Florida.As the numbers of Jews increased in Florida, so did the number of discriminatory acts against them.The Jewish settlers of the late 1800s and early 1900s persevered and carved niches for themselves in this new and lush land of opportunity.With World War I, anti-Semitism again increased sharply in the state.Be inspired and inspire others through the awesome gift of Jewish Spirituality and Tradition!I A Florida Heritage publication Introduction The rich legacy of the Jewish community in Florida can be found in every region of the state.

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For instance, in the violent aftermath of the Civil War, Samuel Fleishman, a Jewish merchant and 20-year resident of Marianna, was murdered for advancing credit to freed blacks.

The Florida Jewish Heritage Trail retraces the steps of Florida's Jewish pioneers from colonial times through the present. Ziff JEWISH MUSEUM OF FLORIDA, Michael Zimny, Phillip M. Heimovics, Florida Photo Archives, Florida Department of Commerce, and Ray Stanyard. Here, America's tolerance of religious diversity made the state attractive to those perse- cuted in other lands.