Collin varallo and devin grissom dating

15-Nov-2020 13:34

According to a CMT publicist, it hasn't yet been decided whether a fourth season will follow.

But starting Saturday, fans get a fresh twist to keep them occupied in the meantime: A new series called "Southern Nights," the first "Sweet Home Alabama" spinoff.“It’s going to be unlike anything that America’s ever seen,” Robertsdale rodeo cowboy Cody Harris said recently. It’s original.”Harris is one of 10 “Sweet Home Alabama” alumni taking part in the new show, and he’s part of an Alabama contingent that comprises fully half the field.

He’s joined by Robertsdale nursing student Tristan Smith, a longtime friend who won the show’s second season, and Courtney Wilkerson, a nursing student from Theodore who also figured in season two.

Collin Varallo, a Birmingham landscaper who appeared in season one, and Devin Grissom, the University of Alabama student who was the belle at the center of the action in season one, also return.

“I’ll be there before long, just give me a little time.”He’s not complaining: He knew what he was getting into, and he seems to think he made the right call.“It wasn’t an easy decision, because I rodeo for a living.

It’s hard to put down rodeoin’ and say, ‘I’m going to do this’ But I’m really glad I did. This could be a career changer for me, for sure.”This time, Harris said, he went in with his eyes wide open.

Although he was not a complete stranger to show business – he did some modeling in his “younger days” – he found the presence of the cameras and filming from 6 a.m.

to midnight jarring and tiring at first, though he adjusted quickly.

“Yeah, sure,” Varallo thought dismissively as he folded up the flyer the man gave him and headed into the concert.He’s seen how reality TV can change reality.“I actually don’t walk around in my cowboy hat as much as I used to,” he said.“Not that I don’t like talking to people, because I love interacting and people recognizing me, but you know, there is a point in time where you’d just like to be able to walk down the beach or something and hang out.While he won’t reveal how he fared in the show, he hasn’t ruled out future reality series or even acting opportunities.

“It’s definitely something I see myself doing for a living or maybe as a hobby,” he said.Varallo soon found himself in Skype and phone interviews with the show’s producers.

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