Colorblind dating

01-Nov-2020 18:07

The pictures below are a very close simulation to how I see the world, all day, every day, everywhere.When I look at these pictures there is almost no difference at all - both the left and the right image look almost identical.We were asked to say what number was written in the circle and while my friends reeled off answers with confidence I said ‘mine doesn’t have a number’.My friends looked at me like I was playing some sort of joke.I can tell that these two are different - the red shirt Mike is wearing is very slightly duller and browner in the simulation than I see it in the ‘Full spectrum’ version, but that is the only difference I can see here, and it’s only noticeable to me when I compare these side-by-side.I’m not singling out John Oxton’s site for any reason other than it’s the first one I thought of when I wanted to show people how I see a colourful website.Browse through our interracial dating site today and start to meet tons of guys and girls go to our website and many of them have found new friendships, adventures and for the lucky ones - the love!

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We got to talking about it at work, and after a while trying to comprehend that I must be missing out on a whole spectrum of information and input I said to Tim - “I wish I could see the world like other people see it”.Sign up and start now to see all the free profiles.