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In the cartoon world, these mutineers are making it closer to the answers hidden in Jeff’s mind, making it to an underground illustrated version of Greendale that is also the base of operations for Cobra Commander versions of Dean, Buzz, Duncan, and Chang (Vice Assistant Cobra Commander, Major Dick, Zim Zam, and Overkill respectively).After making it to the cartoon Table Mk II and defeating each of their lesser friends by shooting two the leg and watching as Major Dick throws out his back attempting a cool flip move, the Save Greendale Committee gets the climactic reality check this has all been leading to.Everything was still there — the characters, the basic themes, the references and meta-jokes, the ace directing, etc.— but it was dull around the edges, lacking the vibrance of the seasons that came before it.Fully lucid in this Hasbro sponsored dream, Jeff chooses to live in G. Joe with the action figure versions of all the people he loves. They destroy a wall and enter the study room as Jobra. Jeff” we get another live action commercial selling G. Jobra action figures that have taken plastic Wingman prisoner. He wants them to all join forces and have a great time just hanging out together and blowing stuff up.Wingman tries to tell them that he is the Neo fromt the third act of The Matrix that is his mind, but before he can finish explaining why he never got around to seeing the third movie in that particular trilogy he is knocked into deeper unconsciousness. The Jobras buy in to the deal and get straight to business, asking Wingman the biggest question on an adult-trapped-in-a-children’s-cartoon’s mind: “So… Yes, if Jeff wants to retreat into childhood he will have to give up being an adult.It is almost fully animated, courtesy of his animation house, Starburns Industries (who are normally responsible for bringing Harmon’s other current show, Adult Swim’s , to life), and filled to the brim with nostalgia and meta-humour.“G. Jeff” opens in the middle of a Cobra attack on the Taj Mahal and immediately we see why – no matter what you might end up thinking about the coming 20 minutes – has already reset the bar for tribute episodes.These aren’t Cobra Commando rip offs, they are the actual characters, and as classic animated bad guy Destro escapes his downed jet you can rest assured that there won’t be any ten cent winks to the camera while the writers narrowly escape a lawsuit. Jeff, Shirley, Annie, and Britta have all been given 80’s cartoon makeovers and names that would look great on the blister pack of an action figure.

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The worst case is the aforementioned “Introduction to Advanced Finality.”A lot of great G. Joe jokes were had here, and that was enough to make the half hour enjoyable. The 2009 series premiere, which I distinctly remember watching on my computer via a Facebook preview link, wasn’t perfect, but it was strong for a sitcom pilot. It managed to be expositional without sacrificing quality, full of hints of what the show would eventually become — a clever subversion of sitcom tropes, deep pop culture references, a heavy dose of self-awareness, and a perfect balance of humor and emotion. After watching, I’d often go home and immediately re-watch the episode (and sometimes watch again, a third time, first thing Friday morning). On the contrary, I thought David Guarascio and Moses Port did a fine job with the difficult task they were given.