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The laboratory guarantees strict confidentiality in the processing of TL-analyses and the compilation of TL expertise’s.

Expertise's are printed out without specifying the name of the commissioning party.

The age specification contained in the TL expertise refers to the so-called "firing age" of the sample(s) (minerals), i.e.

to the time at which they were last heated to a temperature of over 500 degrees C and mentions the place on the object from which the sample (s) was / were taken.

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Regeneration and Addition (MAR-MAAD ) method ( Second glow - Normalization ): Result provides a statement on the last time of firing.

Daybreak 0,068 Gy/sec 01.04 2017 a-Source: CM-244 Curium 0,5 m Ci Working method: Fine grain sedimentation following treatment in diluted hydrochloric acid.