Creationism and ice core dating

12-Oct-2020 07:18

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On the east coast of Greenland, where the 1942 squadron landed, snowfall is a much heavier, accumulating at an average rate of 7 feet (2 metres) per year. This rate (which is an average, so some years would see less snow and others more), after allowing for some compaction due to the weight, is sufficient to account for the depth of snow the WWII planes were buried in.The interior of Greenland by comparison receives much less snowfall, about (0.3m/1 foot per year). Wieland has definitely proven the amazing fact that snowfall rates vary in different parts of the world, it remains to be seen how this groundbreaking discovery will deliver the death blow to deep time and evolution. Wieland attempts to equate the thickness of the snow burying the squadron with valid ice core samples retrieved by the joint European Greenland Ice-core Project (GRIP).The good doctor starts by telling us that on the 15th of July, 1942, a squadron consisting of six P-38 Lightning fighter planes and two very large B-17 “Flying Fortress” bombers set off for a British airfield.They never made it due to very bad weather closing their refueling stop in Iceland. With fuel running low, the pilots attempted a crash landing on the east coast of Greenland.

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In 1988, an expedition found that in 46 years the planes had been buried under 250 feet of ice and snow. Wieland, this shows that those pesky evolutionist are wrong and is does not take thousands and thousands of years for ice to build up.

This paper will attempt to give an outline of what some young-earth creationists believe happened during the Flood of Noah.

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